The Goldilocks Scenario Continues

Connected Globe

Are we on the brink of a financial paradigm shift? We discuss how the U.S. economy may have dodged a recession and now faces a “goldilocks scenario” with falling inflation and steady growth.

2024 Outlook: A Good Year for Investors

Happy New Year 2024

Explore our analysis of the global financial markets’ strong finish in 2023 and the potential for a thriving 2024, with expert insights on inflation and Fed strategies.

Bitcoin: More Room for Upside in 2024?


Discover why Bitcoin’s remarkable performance makes it a compelling investment for 2024. Learn about the potential upside and why investors should consider adding it to their portfolios.

The End of an Era

Explore the post-easy money era’s financial landscape. Learn about potential interest rate cuts, the strength of the U.S. economy, and the unexpected sector set to excel. We explore 2024’s changing economic landscape with insights on bonds’ future, changes in Japan’s monetary policy, gold’s resurgence, and cryptocurrencies’ performance.

Is it Time to Rotate to Mid-Caps?

Discover why mid-cap companies might outperform large and small caps in 2024, offering promising growth and stability for your portfolio.

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