Our Approach to Investing

Leo Wealth

Our aim is to help clients preserve and grow their wealth via a suitable long-term investment strategy.

Philosophically, we believe that every one of our clients should be able to build a portfolio strategy based on their own investment objectives, personal interests, and core values.

As a result, we do not prescribe a single investment strategy or fund, but rather offer a wide range of core and thematic portfolio strategies, which we combine to create personalised portfolios for each client.

At Leo Wealth, we are unwavering in 2 core investment principles:

The Future is Unknowable

Chasing the short-term ‘promise’ of better returns from active fund managers only leads to long-term disappointment. Time in market leads to better results than timing the market.

Evidence over Hope

We believe in long-term strategic investing based on Nobel prize winning academic research. Tilting portfolios towards empirically proven sources of higher expected returns results in better long-term results.

In line with these 2 principles, we employ a highly disciplined approach to investing and seek to filter through short-term noise and emotion to make investment decisions that are defensible and as devoid of behavioral biases as possible. Letting markets do what they do best – drive information into individual security prices – frees us to spend time where we can add the most value, namely in how we interpret research, how we design, allocate and manage portfolios, and how we service our clients. This means that we take a less subjective, more systematic approach to investing – one that we can implement consistently and that clients can understand and stick with, even in challenging market environments.

Our global investment team, based in the U.S. and Hong Kong, ensures that portfolios are built with tax efficiency for each client’s situation at their core, as well as with sustainability in mind. Sustainable investing is at the core of our portfolio strategies, which range from ESG-screened portfolios to highly targeted and impactful strategies.

Since different asset classes perform well in different market conditions, we believe diversification is key and as such offer a wide choice of portfolios that allow our clients to create a strategy that suits their needs and personal interests, no matter the size of their portfolio.

ETF Portfolios

Low-cost strategies across a variety of exposures in equity, fixed income and commodity markets. Tailored to individual client currency, tax and risk preferences, as well as desired thematic exposures. Learn more about how we build our ETF Portfolios.

Direct Equity Portfolios

Single stock baskets targeting specific investment themes or regions, built from a universe of 14,000 stocks using a systematic scoring framework. Zero 3rd party costs and direct ownership of individual company stocks. Learn more about how we build our Direct Equity Portfolios.

Custom Built Portfolios

Sometimes a single ETF or Equity strategy will suffice. More often, a building block approach combining the above portfolios, or a custom portfolio design to hit specific needs is required. We do not hesitate to personalize when there is a need and use all the tools at our disposal to get to the right destination for clients.

Learn more about the choices we offer for Investments and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss what makes sense for you.

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Expert and Personal Financial Guidance

We offer a personal, calculated plan for your finances. Get in touch to learn how we can help support your family’s future and build a richer life.

Expert and Personal Financial Guidance

We offer a personal, calculated plan for your finances. Get in touch to learn how we can help support your family’s future and build a richer life.

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