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Gena Lohoefer

Gena Lohoefer is Office Administrator at Leo Wealth, an independent global wealth advisor. Based in Wichita Falls, Gena is responsible for client onboarding, assisting with client accounts, coordinating clients with advisers, and facilitating all manner of client service. She specializes in assisting clients and addressing their unique needs. With years of valuable back-office experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure clients are well-supported.

Prior to Leo Wealth, Gena was Office Manager at Investment and Asset Planning, LLC (IAP), a Registered Investment Advisor, for fifteen years. After the firm’s transition to BFT Financial Group, she played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for clients. Her contributions were instrumental in solidifying the firm’s integration into BFT and likewise during the following merger that launched Leo Wealth, LLC.

Outside of work, Gena enjoys being with family and friends. She is also very involved in her church, where she volunteers on a regular basis.

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