Our highest priority is providing comprehensive risk management strategies that allow you to feel secure about your future and legacy.

These are the services and solutions we focus on:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Planning Solutions
  • Life Insurance Advisory Services
  • Disability Insurance Advisory Services
  • Long-Term Care Advisory Services
  • Working With Financial Planners & Estate Planners

Comprehensive Insurance Planning Solutions

Protect yourself, your family, and your assets against unexpected losses with adequate insurance. Insurance as a multi-purpose financial planning tool can be structured to adapt over time to the changing needs and goals of a client.

Appropriate insurance planning offers:

  • Family protection
  • Wealth preservation
  • Tax-efficient transfer strategies

Life Insurance Advisory Services

We educate to empower informed decisions and guide you through policy selection, underwriting, and placement. We’ll service and monitor policies to ensure policy parameters continue to meet all established planning objectives.

  • Intergenerational wealth transfer & estate planning strategies
  • U.S.based life insurance solutions for foreign nationals and foreign residents
  • Privately financed life insurance
  • Executive retention tools and deferred compensation strategies
  • Business succession, buy-out, and buy-sell funding
  • Income indemnification and debt mitigation strategies
  • Tax-efficient charitable giving strategies

Disability Insurance Advisory Services

When an individual loses their ability to generate income, their ability to build wealth can be lost as well. Disability Insurance is essential for high-income earners. Our advisors will periodically evaluate your disability coverage to ensure the coverage is keeping pace with your overall asset base and income trajectory.

  • High-limit individual income protection
  • Disability buy-out
  • Key person disability protection
  • Business overhead expense protection
  • Disability buy-sell funding

Long-Term Care Advisory Services

Protect your assets and maximize financial efficiency with long-term care insurance. Long-term care coverage has changed significantly over the past ten years. Our advisors have a wealth of experience and work with products offering clients the most desirable features and greatest flexibility.

In contrast to years past, the long-term care insurance products available now can fit many more financial situations.

  • Traditional stand-alone long-term care
  • Linked-benefit/hybrid LTC
  • Life insurance with integrated long-term care or chronic illness benefits

Working With Financial Planners & Estate Planners

As your financial lives evolve, your perspectives on estate and legacy planning will inevitably change.

We work with financial planners and other advisors who cater to high-net-worth clients needing sophisticated insurance solutions. Our experience in the design, placement, and management of insurance strategies for high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth, and cross-border clients allows us to navigate complex planning issues and successfully provide personalized solutions.

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