Tax Planning & Preparation

Our in-house tax team brings extensive industry experience, relying on a thorough and pragmatic approach to solving our clients’ most complex tax issues.

Our tax capabilities are broad, and we serve individual and corporate clients globally.

Our team of experienced tax advisors is adept at handling all aspects of U.S. taxes for expats in Hong Kong—whether you’ve just moved, have been living there for years, or are on a short-term assignment. We provide comprehensive guidance on how your Hong Kong financial accounts affect your U.S. tax filing and help you identify potential tax benefits.

Our tax team has extensive experience in:
  • U.S. tax preparation
  • Gifts, estate and tax planning
  • Delinquent tax returns under the Streamline Program
  • Foreign financial account reporting/Form 5471
  • Other complex U.S. tax compliance matters
Our team facilitates in-depth conversations and provides clear, understandable advice. That means you can feel confident about your U.S. tax obligations, no matter how deep your financial roots grow in Hong Kong. We hope you’ll reach out to us for a conversation and further support for your U.S. and cross-border tax planning and tax compliance needs. Are you an expat living in Tokyo or Singapore? We represent clients all throughout Asia.

Tax Return Preparation & Fiduciary Accounting

Tax Return Preparation & Compliance

  • We understand the intricacies of tax reporting and how your international financials affect your filings.
  • We can manage FBAR and FATCA reporting for foreign accounts and assets over certain thresholds.
  • We discern the best strategy to reduce your tax bill via the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credit.
  • We file directly with tax authorities at the Federal, State and local levels, dealing with taxing authorities on your behalf.


Fiduciary Accounting

  • Manage accounting for trusts, estates, and guardianships.
  • Negotiate judicial or informal settlements.
  • Incorporate accounting with tax compliance requirements of estates and trusts.

Identifying Tax Planning Opportunities

We identify tax planning opportunities within a client’s current financial situation, as well as planning for events that may impact a client’s financials.

  • We proactively identify tax planning opportunities in the client’s current and future financial situations.
  • Implement charitable giving strategies that achieve a client’s philanthropic goals and maximize tax deductions.
  • Develop family gifting strategies to minimize both income and estate taxes.
  • Coordinate tax planning in conjunction with investment portfolio management.

Cross-Border Tax Planning

Providing tax planning & assistance to individuals who have tax filing responsibilities within and between countries requires a coordinated approach. Our tax professionals prepare hundreds of U.S. tax returns each year, and we work closely with other tax service providers to meet tax filing obligations outside the U.S. Our tax planning services include:

  • Comprehensive tax planning between an individual’s home & host countries.
  • Foreign tax credit maximization strategies.
  • Tax equalization & hypothetical tax review and guidance.
  • Pre- and post-departure tax counseling.
  • Helping companies avoid double or excess taxation on behalf of executives.

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Our Latest Insights in your Inbox

We write regular insights on global financial market, tax, and estate planning trends.

Please sign up and we’ll be sure to only send relevant insights your way.

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